Two PAK Cabins on Metal Beam Skid

Compact Transformer Cabinet for Mines

Compact Transformer Cabinet for Mines

Transformer Electrical Cabinet, armored suitable for use in tunnels and mines (in the absence of gas) that could be set up on a skid, wheeled or strip and can be equipped with cable reel medium or low voltage.

Easy portability, usable for the transformation of the electrical energy and expressly designed and made for powering electricity in gallery or mines.

The unit is supplied with the internal connections on both medium voltage and low voltage side, the transformer is connected and completely installed in the slot.

The cabin is commonly divided into three compartments completely segregated, respectively containing the power transformer, MV electrical panels and LV equipment.

All metal parts are suitably connected to the earth by flexible tinned copper.

The cabin is “non walk-in” and ensures operability directly from outside simply by opening the doors.

Refuge Chamber with Wheels and Towing for Mina de Aguablanca

Refuge Chamber with wheels

Refuge Chamber with wheels

They are being built in our workshop 4 units of refuge chamber for the customer RIO NARCEA RECURSOS SA.

The project MINA DE AGUABLANCA is developed in a small town called REAL DE LA JARA (Badajoz), Spain.

There are two units for 6 people and the other two for 12 people. The measures change and their particularity is that it was requested by the customer a removable tow and wheels.

Find here some photos. The customizations that can make our department of steel structures are endless. Also according to the demands of our customers.

2 Refuge Chambers
6 persons
48 hours autonomy
Size: 4000 x 2000 x 2150 mm
With removable towing

2 Refuge Chambers
12 people
48 hours autonomy
Size: 6000 x 2000 x 2150
With removable towing

Special Refuge Chambers for Robbins TBM in Chile


TBM Robbins

The two refuge chambers will be mounted on TBM Robbins, one of our most prestigious clients. Cabins have a pronounced curve on one side to fit the small diameter of this TBM. Here are some pictures of the cabins in our workshop.


Hydroelectric Project Los Cóndores

In the upper basin of the Maule River in the Maule Region cordillera, Endesa Chile is building the Los Cóndores Hydroelectric Plant, an energy initiative that coexists with the mighty rocks of the Andes and the majestic flight of the Condors giving the name to this plant. The river that flows out of the Maule Lagoon shall bring the powerful generation equipment to life, capable of generating 150 MW.

The project will be located in the upper Maule River basin, specifically in the San Clemente district, Talca Province, Maule Region.

  • Approximate installed power: 150 MW
  • Annual average power: 630 GWh
  • Plant Factor: 48%
  • Maximum flow verified: 28 m3/s
  • Deadlines: Start of commercial operation 2018.

Los Condores Map

EEx-d Pressurized Refuge Chamber for Herrenknecht

8 people refuge chamber

8 people refuge chamber

UPSX is a Refuge Chamber specifically designed and manufactured in order to provide a safe haven in the event of underground emergency to personnel working in Mines, NATM and TBM excavated tunnels.


The Refuge Chamber is a fire rated enclosure capable to endure for the minimum specified time at the specified condition in the event of a fire.

Walls (2 mm thickness cold-rolled metal sheets) roof and floor (3+2mm-chequered plate) are completely welded together with a main base frame (steel tubular structure) thus to assure the maximum mechanical resistance (the unit is blast resistant capable to withstand a shock wave pressure of 0,2 bar) and allowed inner positive pressure with the minimum leakage rate.

Pressurized Refuge Chamber UPSX-8 EEx-d I-M2 type
mm 6000 x 613w x 1680h equipped with:

Exterior :

n.1 Airtight door
n.1 escape hatch
n.4 Container Edges Indication EEx-d I-M2 certified
n.2 overpressure valves

Note: due to reduced dimensions and particular size, the refuge chamber will be manufactured with 5mm flat sheet, without internal insulation panels


Bench Seats
n.3 Emergency Fluorescent Lighting Fixture with 3h. battery back-up each certified EEx-d I-M2
n.1 Industrial Phone certified EEx-d I-M2
n.1 Chemical W.C.
n.1 First medic aid kit

Pressurization system:

n. 1 breathable air cylinder 200bar 50L with pressure reducer and synterized filter

Shipping WeWalter Cabins to Iraq

WeWalter Cabins Genova Harbor

WeWalter Cabins Genova Harbor

Last days we have found some pics of a important 2011 project.

Very interesting photographs because they show our cabins mounted on truck chariot for road, and being shipped in Genova harbor.

Our contractor was Sumitomo Corporation (Siemens), and the final client was Ministry of Electricity of Iraq.

Were mobile containerized substations.

WeWalter Composed Shelters for Eni Iraq

Eni Siemens Iraq

Eni Siemens Iraq

For the project Zubair Oil Field Development. Our customer is Siemens Spa, Italian division.

The end client is Eni Iraq Zfod Maintenance Department.

External Dimensions of the big composed shelter are:

13.720 x 4.700 x 3.790 mm (LxDxH)

This long shelter is composed by two mounted by long side 13.720 mm:
– One medium voltage switchgear (13.720 x 3.190 x 3.790 mm (LxDxH))
– One service shelter for lighting, Hvac and systems (13.720 x 1.510 x 3.790 mm (LxDxH))

And another small LV shelter (2.990 x 3.190 x 3.720 mm (LxDxH))

Total insulation. Redundant conditioning. Suitable for temperatures of 55 ºC. Designed according to customer specifications.

Electric Shelter for Terna-Siemens in Trento (Italy)


Last weeks we have sent, commissioning, and  start this electric shelter, ordered by Siemens and end customer Terna.

Terna is a big italian electric provider. Terna is the first independent operator in Europe and sixth in the world for kilometers of electricity lines managed.

These are the features of our shelter, constructed completely in our workshop of Cologno Monzese, Milan, Italy.

Mesures: 12.190 L x 2.440 P x 2.780 H mm

  • Protection LV electric board
  • Lighting LED
  • Air conditioning system (24.000 BTU)
  • Lateral door
  • Main door
  • External Insulation 40 mm
  • Emergency panel
  • External roof