Delivery Ready for Chile

These are the compact substations ready to send to Chile for our client, de italian contractor CMC RAVENNA.

05 Containerized compact substation, PAK SERIES 630kVA 23/0.4kV,
dimensions: 5700Lx1100Px2000H mm

01 Containerized compact substation, PAK SERIES 1000kVA 23/0.4kV,
dimensions: 5900Lx1100Px2000H mm

09 Containerized compact substation, PAK SERIES 630kVA 23/0.4kV,
dimensions 5900Lx1500Px2300H mm

The Biggest WeWalter Multipurpose Cabin Ever

12 meters cabin WeWalter

This month of September 2013 we received the order for the largest cabin built so far in our workshop Cologno Monzese (Milano).

An order from ABB, with maximum dimensions of our building capacity in the metalwork department.

As you can see from the pictures our workshop looks small in front of the 12 meter length of the cabin. It was built in two parts for easy transport.

Once finished and delivered in the works site, the two containers will be mounted together on the long side of 12 meters.

The final dimensions of the cabin (2 containers) are: 12.00 x 4.88 x 3.50 meters.

Besides the electric components, these are other  elements that we have mounted: 

  • Door 2.15 x 1 m
  • Door 2.50 x 1.95 m
  • 12,000 Btu air conditioning equipment
  • Security system with presence detection
  • Fire detection system