Visiting Divriği Mines, in Sivas, Turkey

Divrigi Turkey

Turkey is once again a great market for the sale of refuge chambers for mines.

In this post we show the provision made for the mines of Divriği, in the province of Sivas – Turkey.

The supply consists of 6 refuge chambers for 8 people, suitable for extreme conditions such as those found in these kind of mineral mines.

In addition, we have taken steps to commissioning through our staff on site and the training of personnel of the mine as well as a thorough and careful maintenance of the units.

Mining Turkey Fair in Istanbul, November 2014

Mining Turkey Fair, Istanbul 2014

Mining Turkey Fair, Istanbul 2014
In collaboration with local partner Zitron, Wewalter participated for the first time at the Mining in Istanbul, Turkey. From 27th to 30th Novembre 2014.

The fair was characterized by the excellent turnout and the enormous interest in the products offered.

Wewalter brought a refuge chamber 4.5 m to be exhibited and was particularly successful and interest attracting many visitors to the stand.

Overall the outcome of these four days of exposure has been extremely positive.

Appointment with the Middle East at Adipec Fair, November 2014

Fiera Adipec WeWalter

fiera-adipec-portadaAlso this year Wewalter was present in ABU DHABI’s ADIPEC FAIR, in United Arab Emirates capital. The period was from 10th to 13th November 2014.

As in previous years our partner Falcor welcomed us in his important stand, providing services and support in order to find new customers and new business opportunities.

ADIPEC is one of the most interesting exhibitions for the market of ‘OIL & GAS and more important and popular in the Middle East.

See you next year in Adipec 2015, 9-12 November.

WeWalter will Try to be in “Metro Lima” Project in Peru

WEWALTER and PATHROS, our distributor in Peru, will try to be in the new project “Linea 2 Metro Lima Callao”. Last 28th March 2014, this project was awarded to “Consorcio Nuevo Metro”.

The “Consorcio Nuevo Metro de Lima” is composed by the following international companies:

  • Cosapi S.A. (Perú)
  • Impregilo S.p.A. (Italia)
  • Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructura S.A. (España)
  • Vialia Sociedad Gestora de Concesiones de Infraestructura S.L. (España)
  • Ansaldo Breda S.p.A. (Italia) y Ansaldo STS S.p.A (Italia)

WeWalter in ADIPEC 2013 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Adipec 2013 Masterplan

Adipec 2013 Masterplan

adipec-2013-101Like every year, even in 2013 WeWalter participated in ADIPEC, the fair oil and gas located in Abu Dhabi.

The success of the exhibition can be seen especially by the number of visitors who indicated an interest in our products.

The market for oil and gas is now part of our business and we intend to grow further our presence in the Middle East with an effective network of local sales.

See you next year.

WeWalter Refuge Chamber mounted in the NFM’s TBM, reaches Caltanissetta


As TUNELBUILDER published in the following article: “NFM TBM at Caltanissetta“, the equipments have begun arriving in work teams TBMs producer, French NFM.

NFM is a good WeWalter customer and within the TBM is traveling to Caltanissetta our refuge chamber for 20 people.


The first parts of the 15 m-diameter, 100 m-long NFM TBM ordered for the twin 3.9 km tubes of the Caltanissetta road tunnel have arrived at site. The tunnel is part of the refurbishment of a 28 km section of highway from km 44 to A19 interchange on SS640 Porto Empedocle, in Caltanissetta and Enna provinces. The drives will commence before end-2013. Click it/107 and here for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit and

WeWalter Finds New Contacts Matching 2012 Milano

Matching Milano 2012

Matching Milano 2012

The last days of November 26th to 28th, 2012, the fair MATCHING was held in Milan (Italy).

Matching is a show that is based on the schedule of meetings between participants.

Companies registered with the event described their activities and demands in the portal Crossing data occurs personalized schedule of meetings for each company.

They are potential new suppliers and potential customers.

For WEWALTER, we have received several visits from potential italians customers.

But the most important thing for us has been collecting information for internationalization in certain areas of the world.

Specifically the South American market is very interesting for us growing mining in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Our specialized products such as Refuge Cabin (Life Series), the compact PAK transformer substation, the substation explosion proof for tunnel.

Hopefully the new contacts during MATCHING 2012 in Milan, will bear fruit in new collaborations.

If you want to work with us as agent for the South American of Africa, please contact us on this form.


22 Cable Drums for Algeria

Reel Drums
Reel Drums
Reel Drums

Acquisition of a major order from our big customer, the company ABB SPA. The order includes 21+1 reel drums of medium voltage 36 kV.


WeWalter has worked for many years with the company ABB in both cases: for the realization of reel drums and the construction of prefabricated containers.




Structure in steel sheet and painted – GREY RAL 9006 – or hot-dip galvanized
All external screws (in sight) class 8.8 galvanized washers.
Accessories (flanges – spacers, etc..) Galvanized cold (or warm if required)
Stainless steel external screws
Painting and special stains



Possible sandblasting for the elimination of oxide.
Pickling and degreasing.
Primary coat of paint within 12 hours max. the treatments described.

A strong base of epoxy zinc content.
Film thickness 40 microns.
Grey color

Powders based thermosetting polyester resins, modified with epoxy resins,.
Film thickness 40 micron
Heat resistance: 24 hours at 100 ° C (white)
Corrosion resistance: Salt Spray ASTM B 117-73 100 to 500 hours
Adherence: Grid DIN 53151 – 100% G.T.O.
Total thickness of the film: from 80 to 120 microns


Possible sandblasting for the elimination of oxide.
Pickling and degreasing.

Obtained by heating with complete immersion of the workpiece.
Thickness min. of the film = 50 microns approx.