Visiting Divriği Mines, in Sivas, Turkey

15 ottobre 2015

Turkey is once again a great market for the sale of refuge chambers for mines. In this post we show the provision made for the mines of Divriği, in the province of Sivas – Turkey. Leggi tutto…

Compact Transformer Cabinet for Mines

Two PAK Cabins on Metal Beam Skid

18 settembre 2015

Transformer Electrical Cabinet, armored suitable for use in tunnels and mines (in the absence of gas) that could be set up on a skid, wheeled or strip and can be equipped with cable reel medium Leggi tutto…

Refuge Chamber, Mine of Aguablanca, Badajoz, Spain

Refuge Chamber in Aguablanca Mine, Monesterio, Spain

17 luglio 2015

Position: Mine Aguablanca – MONASTERIO – SPAIN Supply of 5 units of refuge chambers for the Aguablanca mine in the far south of Spain near Monasterio, in Badajoz Province. These units are built to give Leggi tutto…

Refuge Chamber with wheels

Refuge Chamber with Wheels and Towing for Mina de Aguablanca

2 luglio 2015

They are being built in our workshop 4 units of refuge chamber for the customer RIO NARCEA RECURSOS SA. The project MINA DE AGUABLANCA is developed in a small town called REAL DE LA JARA Leggi tutto…

Special Refuge Chambers for Robbins TBM in Chile

25 marzo 2015

TBM Robbins The two refuge chambers will be mounted on TBM Robbins, one of our most prestigious clients. Cabins have a pronounced curve on one side to fit the small diameter of this TBM. Here Leggi tutto…

Mining Turkey Fair, Istanbul 2014

Mining Turkey Fair in Istanbul, November 2014

2 dicembre 2014

In collaboration with local partner Zitron, Wewalter participated for the first time at the Mining in Istanbul, Turkey. From 27th to 30th Novembre 2014. The fair was characterized by the excellent turnout and the enormous Leggi tutto…

Fiera Adipec WeWalter

Appointment with the Middle East at Adipec Fair, November 2014

15 novembre 2014

Also this year Wewalter was present in ABU DHABI’s ADIPEC FAIR, in United Arab Emirates capital. The period was from 10th to 13th November 2014. As in previous years our partner Falcor welcomed us in Leggi tutto…

IFM Istanbul

Tunnel Expo Turkey in IFM Istanbul

31 agosto 2014

From August 28th to 31st, Tunnel Exhibition was for the first time in Istanbul, Turkey. WeWalter joined together with its local partner Zitron. Zitron is well known on the market for innovative solutions in tunneling Leggi tutto…

35 High Voltage Junction Boxes

31 luglio 2014

Last july WeWalter workshop has worked hard before holidays closing period. One of the orders we received was for 35 high voltage junction boxes. A junction box allows a total recovery of the cable. Is Leggi tutto…

Delivery Ready for Chile

16 maggio 2014

These are the compact substations ready to send to Chile for our client, de italian contractor CMC RAVENNA. 05 Containerized compact substation, PAK SERIES 630kVA 23/0.4kV, dimensions: 5700Lx1100Px2000H mm 01 Containerized compact substation, PAK SERIES Leggi tutto…

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