What We Do

Equipments for Tunneling

Refuge Chambers for Mining and Tunneling

Specialists in Refuge Chambers for tunnelling and mining.

Equipments for Tunneling

Specialists in Refuge Chambers and medium voltage mobile substation for tunneling and mining from 1969.
Containerized Transformer Substations

Containerized Transformer Substation

The transformer substation in a customizable container. Ready to be carried around the world.
Photovoltaic Shelter

Multipurpose Technological Shelters

Completly customizable shelters, photovoltaic and multi-purpose.

Who We Are

We Walter Staff

WE Walter works since 1969 in the area of "Main Contractors", both in Italy and abroad, for site electrification. It's certificated ISO 9001.

WE Walter, with its power and automation division, provides Full Customer Support, Customized solutions, Dedicated Support in Project Design/Commissioning & Start up, Service on site

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